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What it is

A quick (hence the name snappy) log entering app, designed to make diary entry less tedious for certain people.


Have you ever written a diary? If you have, do you still do?
If you still do consistently, then this may not be the app for you.

If you no longer consistently write your diary, then keep reading.

One of the most common things that happen when people start writing a diary is this:

You realize you want to record your memories, and so you start a diary.
After a few days of picking up the ol' notebook and writing, one day you realize.. hmm.. there's nothing much happening today.

"What should I write? There's nothing to write!"

Then you go to sleep. And after a few days, you forget about the diary completely, occasionally feeling a bit of guilt.

What I propose

Snappylog tries to make diary entering feel less formal, and tries to help you form a habit.

You are reminded each day at predetermined times (which you can set).

When you open the app, you are shown a button to enter the day's log.

You are then asked to rate the day's satisfaction from 1-5.

"Form a habit"
You can leave the day at just a number from 1-5 and enter nothing else.
That makes it effortless enough for you to open the app and enter a number.

After that there's the data entry (which could be skipped).

There are 2 ways to enter data in Snappylog.

1. Briefs
This is a quick and simple way to enter your data.

Pull down the brief adder and type a short brief/topic.

Then tick if the brief is something good or bad (or both).

Add a photo if you want.

And if it's a topic you want to elaborate upon, just add more details to the brief.

2. Text
This is the traditional way of diary keeping, kept in case you want to write.

Personally, I rarely use this.